Expand your business reach and unleash your brand

Benefit from effective mobile and online data collection technologies to capture stated and behavioral data from one insights ecosystem.

  • Gesture-Based Surveys

    We leverage device capabilities to make surveys fun and interactive. Our survey questions are designed by researchers for researchers, from reinventing the 10-point scale to max-diff, intermixed with video and image capture. We deliver on all your traditional survey needs with a sleek design and consumer-friendly approach that drives participation.

  • Mobile-First Panel

    Our research participants include a combination of mobile and online respondents carefully recruited to maximize quality, feasibility, and representativeness. We reach your audience by targeting users based on their stated and behavioral profile.

  • Customer Communities

    We're unique because we build interactive customer insights communities. These communities collect both stated and behavioral data – including survey, GPS location, and passive data – all in one ecosystem. You gain immediate feedback and 3D Insights™ that are not possible with legacy, online-only communities.

  • Modern Insights

    We unleash your brand from desktop-only research by leveraging modern technologies that enable more advanced methodologies. We combine multiple streams of data to make sense of consumer behavior in the physical "brick and mortar" and digital world "online and in-app".

UBMobile's Competitive Edge

Higher completion rates

Independent Research-on-Research proves higher completion rates when designed for mobile-first

Designed for researchers

Question types for serious researchers including NPS, 10-point scales, max-diff, A/B test, ranking, video capture, image capture, and more

Fun & interactive surveys

Completing Gesture-Based Surveys™ with your thumb, finger or mouse makes participating much more engaging – yielding higher completion rates

Mobile-rich features

Supports stated and behavioral data collection with Gesture-Based Surveys™, GPS, and device metering – all in one ecosystem

LifeTap App

Available for Android, iOS, and Web

Always on, Always connected

Push notifications, direct messaging, and badges notify respondents anywhere and anytime that they are needed for a project

Maximum efectiveness

Our panel is managed to maximize quality and feasibility for more representative insights






Challenging questions answered!

One of the most significant challenges today for insights professionals is engaging people to participate in the research process. That's why we've developed a completely new way to engage people. We've moved beyond the transactional survey-taking experience to a more holistic approach.

1. Consultation
We apply our mobile and online expertise to help you achieve your objectives
2. Knowledge and technology
Our approach will bridge your research from desktop only to mobile-first
3. Modern Insights
Mobile-first will unleash your brand and open your data collection to capture 3D Insights™

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