Holiday shopping insights from ParentTap™

This holiday season, UBMobile connected with its ParentTap™ panel to gather insights into their gift-giving budgets and shopping trips.

We discovered parents are planning to spend more money the older their children are – 30% of parents with children 10 years or older said they plan to spend over $300 per child, with the most sought after gifts being gaming systems. Most parents of children under the age of 10 say they don’t plan to spend anywhere near $300 per child, but will be considering the purchase of the most requested gifts – Disney character toys and tablets.

Less than half of all parents (43%) say they will be heading into major toy stores, like Toys “R” Us, to find the perfect gifts for their families. Wal-Mart and Target take the largest piece of the retail pie with 83% of parents purchasing gifts at these mass retailers. A whopping 94% of parents will shop online for at least one gift, with 1/3 purchasing the majority of gifts online.

The holiday shopping process can be stressful and troublesome to some families, especially with the pressure to deliver all the items on their children’s wish lists. We found that families this year are not stressing over purchasing gifts for their families, but are excited to shop. Maybe that’s because over half of all parents will be purchasing a gift for the family to enjoy together.

By admin
on June 24, 2017