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  • In-the-moment

    UBMobile’s ITM research drives in-context responses and reduces recall bias. By geo-fencing predefined locations, like airports, train stations, grocery stores, big box retailers, restaurants, or movie theatres, we invite consumers to participate in research activities while on location – or immediately thereafter. This greatly reduces recall issues and delivers more accurate feedback - delivering reliable insights and actionable results.

  • Tracker

    Transitioning a tracker to mobile is easier than it may seem. UBMobile’s Gesture-Based Surveys™ platform is designed to give researchers the question types they need for serious tracking research, while making it more respondent-friendly on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Doing so enables you to reach segments of the population that you would otherwise not reach. We can help you bridge from desktop-only to mobile-first to reach a broader, more representative audience.

  • Shopper Journey

    Between online shopping and brick and mortar stores consumers have more choices on where to shop and when to buy than ever before. Our Path-to-Purchase methodology leverages UBMobile’s 3D Insights™ to track the shopper journey from browsing online to driving from store-to-store. We know where consumers shop, before and after they’re at your store, as well as what ultimately drives purchases. Our insights give you a competitive advantage.

  • Concept Testing

    Like or dislike? Smiley face or frowny face? Do you need a simple yet modern way to screen concepts, package designs, or marketing messages without all the fuss? We design highly engaging surveys to capture respondent's attention, enable them to quickly sort appealing or unappealing ideas, and get results fast. Send us concepts on Monday and have your topline by Friday. Want your online reporting even faster? You've got it when you work with us.

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UBMobile can help you expand your business reach and unleash your brand whether you are a Fortune 1000 business, an advertising/PR agency, a large consulting company, a not-for-profit organization, or a firm that needs professional-grade consumer feedback and effective insights.

In-Store Test


Prior to introducing new signage and in-store displays, Starbucks wanted to test various concepts in the coffee isle at grocery retailers. UBMobile used a mobile-first survey to capture ITM qualitative and quantitative feedback from shoppers. Based on this feedback, Starbucks and the grocery retailer had important insights into which treatments lifted awareness and increased coffee purchase.

Purchasing behavior

Frito Lay

Frito-Lay wanted to understand what drove chip purchasing behavior at various sandwich shops. UBMobile captured ITM survey data and video interviews by using GPS capabilities to send a survey to consumers inside sandwich shops. These mobile-first insights helped Frito-Lay determine which environmental factors, such as merchandising, signage, and cashier up-sell ultimately impacted chip purchase at each location.

Shopper Journey


AutoZone wanted to know what happens when a customer comes to their store but doesn't find what he/she needed. UBMobile captured ITM survey data and video interviews on customers' experiences by using GPS capabilities to send a survey to shoppers when they're at AutoZone. Additionally, UBMobile tracked the next steps to learn what customers did to complete their purchase, giving AutoZone insights into how they can improve their product and service selection.



Sephora increased both mobile and desktop survey completions by mobile optimizing the design of their brand tracker using UBMobile solutions. Higher completion rates on mobile and desktop improved data consistency and stabilized measures across multiple waves of brand tracking. Additionally, UBMobile delivered customized data and rich reports to Sephora's research team, allowing them to share insights directly to and across various internal departments.