The Road to 3D Insights is Paved with Data

We’ve had an amazing year at UBMobile. As our industry begins to understand and incorporate mobile-first methodologies and data, we know even more exciting times are ahead. For us, we’ve been focused on the intersection of mobile-first technologies and insights methodologies, packaging these capabilities into solutions for CPG, QSR, retail, transportation, and healthcare brands, among others.

Looking back just one year ago, UBMobile was featured as the cover story in Survey Magazine’s November 2016 issue, where we shared our vision for data collection in a mobile-first and people-first world. In that story, we discussed our approach to engaging “audiences of today” for mobile and online research. We were six months into launching our LifeTap app on iOS and Android, our proprietary audience engagement platform, and we were heads down on development for our Gesture-Based Surveys (GBS) platform. The GBS respondent experience is designed to use intuitive gestures that provide a more engaging survey experience, on a mobile device and desktop. Developing and launching these products were exciting milestones for our team. They are pieces of a much larger vision that creates a holistic insights ecosystem with the ability to capture stated and observed data across a target audience.

Since that time, we’ve grown our LifeTap Panel, and added geo-location and passive metering capabilities. That’s a lot of tech in a relatively short amount of time! These unique capabilities enable us to deliver what we call 3D Insights. With all this foundational technology in place, we’re now working directly with brands to deliver a more holistic view of the customer journey.

What are 3D Insights?
1D: Survey Data
2D: + Geo-Location Data
3D: + Passive Metering Data

Each of these data types can deliver value as a single source. However, combining two or three of these data types across a single audience or community enables a more complete view of consumers. At UBMobile, we deliver client projects that require just one, or a combination, of these data collection techniques. We believe UBMobile delivers unique value to our clients by way of our proprietary technologies that capture multiple sources of data, along with our deep experience in data and insights. Clients tell us that UBMobile is at the forefront of using modern technologies that not only inform but improve the way they capture and use data for marketing decision making.

This brings us to the most fun part of our jobs…getting to work with our clients on creative new ways to apply this technology to research, customize use cases, and mix methods to test and learn. This is the type of learning that will help to bridge our industry from online primary to mobile-first and deliver greater value to the clients we serve.

We can’t wait to roll-up our sleeves and work with you on your next project. If you would like to collaborate or discuss ideas, send me a note on LinkedIn or contact us via the UBMobile website.

By admin
on October 4, 2017