UBMobile launches its mobile-first, Gesture-Based Surveys™ platform

Looking for a truly mobile-first survey platform that also looks great on a desktop?

Want to swipe-right or swipe-left on new concepts to give them a “HOT” or “NOT”? Maybe you need a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down question on a product or brand experience. Perhaps you need to give your Millennial consumers a way to “express how they feel” – our emoji question type was designed to do just that! It all boils down to engaging consumers with fast and friendly surveys designed for a broader, more representative audience.

One of the biggest challenges to the market research industry is the decline of people’s willingness to participate. To be clear, our challenge is not “reaching” people. There’s never been a time when it’s been easier to reach someone – yet survey participation rates continue to decline. One reason is that survey software widely used today was designed and developed for a desktop experience. And most attempts at a mobile “product extension” of the desktop have fallen short. To stay aligned with consumers we must evolve survey research. We must design first for mobile devices.

UBMobile’s Gesture-Based Surveys (GBS) takes advantage of all the features people are familiar with on their mobile devices, including gesture-based interaction, image capture, and video capture. While reimagining the survey experience to create GBS, we sought to maximize our respondents’ engagement and enjoyment by championing the importance of designing for mobile-first. Mobile devices have mass appeal because they allow for touch and gestures as a means of controlling the environment. By engaging respondents both physically and emotionally through gesture-based survey design, we create a more immersive research experience. Arcs and flowing gestures are appealing because they minimize tapping. Recognizing this, we designed some of our scale questions as rotary dials or sliders allowing once-onerous questions to become a more seamless and satisfying experience.

Mobile designers are always optimizing for the space needed to view and touch the screen. Knowing that most people use their thumbs and index fingers, we’ve designed the tap radius to be wide and easy to select. This makes it easy and fluid for people to provide their responses to questions. In fact, not only have we designed our question types to visually inspire and fit on the screen, but we think about mobile design before we even write a survey. We leverage our expertise as researchers to advise our clients how to create a superior research experience, and we’re delighted to share these learnings.

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By admin
on June 24, 2017